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Day of action on International Human Rights Day, Tübingen, 7th December 2018

5 p.m. rally and demonstration from the Haagtor to Neue Aula to the Karlstraße
8 p.m. concert at the Sudhaus by “Strom und Wasser“: One Million against the right-winged!
8.30 p.m. party at the Sudhaus: “human right FUNdamental is“

At the demonstration we demand together:

  • Human Rights are indivisible (#unteilbar) – they apply to ALL humans!
  • Human Rights do not know any upper limit – For a policy of solidarity und humanity towards refugees instead of isolation, deportation and racist division of the society!
  • Respect instead of Racism – Women’s rights apply to all women, criticism of sexism and sexual violence has to be directed to all men!
  • Fight causes of flight, not refugees – The Right to Live applies in the Mediterranean Sea, too, and sea rescue is no “Human Rights Fundamentalism“!
  • Housing space is no commodity – Create affordable housing space for ALL!
  • For a social and sustainable city – For a municipal policy, which benefits all humans, instead of one-sidedly promoting High-Tech-Capitalism!

Complete call (in German language) at

Join and participate with your ideas, topics, issues and activities! Bring your own matters, demands, banners, signboards, music … !
Human Right is FUNdamental!